Our Trainers

Janelle Arnold

Personal Trainer
My ideal clients are High School athletes, about to go to college, and want to know the ups and downs of different lifts and being conditioned.

Jerimiah Mahan

Personal Trainer
My ideal client is someone who is willing to listen ; a person that truly wants to change. Most people want to hear that I have a magic pill, I don’t.

John-Logan Coots

Personal Trainer / Owner
"Profound power is within each of us" - JL Coots

Lisa Collodi

Personal Trainer
I love to work with the over 40 generation that need to help become stronger and lose some weight.

Mathew Freeman

Personal Trainer
Helping people see they are worthy, valuable and amazing.

Scott Macedonio

Personal Trainer
My ideal client is female between the ages of 30 and 40. She has control of her making her own schedule and has and fun outgoing personality.

Mike Stauber

Personal Trainer
Helping others get build strength and self image.

Rafike Abdo

Personal Trainer

Our Staff


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