Systems of Change: 2 simple steps to see your change

When we first embark on our fitness journey we many times fail to see the successes we have early on. We often find ourselves saying things like, “I feel stronger but I weigh the same.” “I like it but I can’t run or I failed on my nutrition today.” The focus easily shifts to the one thing that we are not doing well instead of seeing all that we are doing well. If you have done this you are certainly not alone. We are our own worst critics. Here are two simple things you can do so you see the change we see in you:

  1. Take Photos each Month – You have to record your progress. One of the easiest ways to record your progress is to create a visual log of all that you have accomplished.  Tips for this. Same Place, same clothes, same angles. Record the date of the photo, your weight and all your measurements and I mean all. Do not be afraid of what this will say. It is incredible feedback. It will let you know if you are progressing. The only reason you would not want to do this is if you know you are cheating yourself on exercise, nutrition or sleep…..if you are doing what you are supposed to this will be a fun thing!!!
  2. Create a success journal – Creating a success journal is extremely powerful. When you do number one and you are not exactly where you would like to be (almost everybody) you can open your success journal and re-read about things you have accomplished. These items can be a powerful way for you to remember things you have done. For Example: “Today I did my first ever push-up from my feet.” This is a huge accomplishment for many. These accomplishments show you your progress and help you to remember that you are doing the right things. The key to the success journal is remembering to write in it. A success journal is just that. It is a log of things that you are proud of that you have accomplished.

You have to create systems of change for yourself. As I said before we look everyday in the mirror at the same person. We are our own worst critic and most likely will see what we are still not accomplishing instead of the things we are. By taking photos that will not lie to you like you will and recording successes in our journal we can see the growth and the change that our new lifestyle has created. Congratulations! You are well on your way to the best lifestyle change you can make. The change of health and wealth!

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