Starvation + Cardio OR Eating + Strength

Starving and cardio, versus eating and strength training. It goes back to dieting and finding a lifestyle. Many people in this country think that they need to lose weight, but they do it an unhealthy way, which is actually starving their body, putting themselves in a malnourished way of living even if they have weight to lose, and then hours upon hours of cardio, which isn’t burning any real fat because they’re not helping boost their metabolism.

The complete opposite is actually eating the right way, which is more frequently than people think, and doing resistance training, which stimulates your body to burn calories, not only during the workout but long after, actually 72 hours sometimes. A quick way to start to boost your metabolism is to eat more frequently and do resistance training. Please don’t starve yourself and think that hours and hours of cardio are the answer. Again, getting back to my initial statement, you don’t want to diet ’cause that’s gonna be a yo-yo, you wanna create a lifestyle. If you have any further questions about this concept, please message me directly under this video or you can always contact us directly here at Powerfit, and remember, make it a lifestyle.

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