Mental Limitations

“All right Becky you got this we are going to do 15 push-ups right now.” “What?” said Becky. “You are insane if you think I can get 15 push-ups. I will be lucky to get 3.” ” I don’t think so I think you will be fine let’s go. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 1 more push you got this 18. Well done Becky” “Wow I honestly did not think that I could do that many.”

The conversation that you heard is common place. If it is not out loud it is what we are telling ourselves in our head. It is incredible how little we truly believe that our bodies can accomplish. We place “Mental Limitations” before we ever push our physical body to the brink. Mohammed Ali once said, “The training begins when you can’t do anymore.” That is the truth right out of the mouth of one of the greats. When we are ready to quit is exactly when we should be getting started. We think in our mind that we cannot and we relay that to our bodies and they stop on us. They break down based on the mental limitations that we have strapped on our self.

I will keep this real short. Next time that you approach that weight or need to do that push-up say to yourself, “I got this.” Then make it happen. The “mental limitations” need to be x’d out of your life forever. They only hold you back.

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