Mat Freeman

Matt Freeman

1. What exercises do you favor most? My favorite exercises are compound movements like squat, bench, deadlift all variations and forms. I like single leg and single arm work and exercises like the Turkish Get Up and kettlebell windmill are amazing exercises that accomplish a lot.

2. What is your specialty?  That’s always a great question. I think I’m best helping people create small habits that change their life overtime. Accountability coaching is an underrated and underutilized tool in reclaiming ones life

3. How do your clients describe you? You would have to ask them. Most would say calm, caring, direct, knowledgeable and consistent.

4. What physical activity do you like to do outside of Powerfit? Outside of Powerfit I play recreational basketball, spend time at the beach throwing rocks around and I like to cycle and run.

5. If you could only do one exercise, what would it be and why?  Clean and jerk or Turkish get up. The reason I like the clean and jerk is that you get posterior chain work, pulling, hinging, pushing, core, dynamic, anaerobic work all in one exercise.

6. Why did you become a personal trainer?  I went to school and got my degree in Kinesiology. From a really young age all I wanted to do was coach and teach Pe in high school. After life took me on some journeys I eventually was steered toward what I believe I was created to do. COACH.

7. Describe how you have changed a client’s life through fitness. Another question that really you should hear from the clients. I’ve been told that the perspective, the coaching, the direction and my undying belief in a clients potential has shaped their lives outside the gym as much as inside and that is something I’m proud of.

8. What is your exercise background?  I have been an athlete and coach my entire life. Football, basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, martial arts, band, coaching special olympics – you name it, I’ve been involved. All those sports require the body to move well in specific ways so I made it a mission to learn about them.

9. What is your ideal client? My ideal client is someone who is thirsty for more than just working out in a gym. Someone who wants to learn how to eat and why, someone who wants to learn how to TRAIN and why, someone who wants to look at life outside the gym and get everything in line.

10. What was the catalysis that inspired you to train? Divorce. It inspired me to change and grow and through that exploration i was lead into a career.