Janelle Arnold

What exercises do you favor most? I enjoy Olympic lifting, the clean, and the snatch

What is your specialty? My specialty is working with young athletes preparing them for their upcoming year of sports

What activity do you enjoy outside of Powerfit? I enjoy playing recreational slow pitch softball and attending Crossfit weekly

If you could only do one exercise, what would it be and why? The kettle bell swing, a dynamic hinge movement that helps with hip extension and strength along with conditioning

Why did you become a personal trainer? I grew up playing sports, when I played collegiate softball at SSU I knew I wanted to be in the field of kinesiology and I looked up to my strength and conditioning coach for helping and mentoring me through my softball career.  I wanted to help people realize their true potential in becoming a stronger and healthier person throug out their life.

How have you changed a client’s life? I have changed a client’s life by teaching them the importance of nutrition and exercise; she lost over 20lbs and now can’t get out of the gym (when before she didn’t even know what a squat was) and will never go back to her old eating habits, she understands they way certain foods make her feel.

What is your exercise background? I have always done conditioning, plyos, and agility growing up playing sports; it wasn’t until collegiate softball where I picked up weights and ever since I have not put them down.

Describe your ideal client. My ideal client is either a current of former athlete that has goals of getting in shape for their season or becoming the strong athlete they once were.