Full Body Workout With Kettlebells

Hey, what’s up America? This is John-Logan with Power Fit Personal Training and I want to show you the explosiveness of the kettlebell. You don’t need much, you can use one and with just a couple of exercises, I’ve got four for you today, it’s going to make a total body workout and you want to set a time. I recommend 10, maybe 15 minutes for advanced people with zero breaks and that’s gonna be a really powerful workout. Just 5 reps will do and just repeat as many times as you can.

Here’s your first set – you’re going to grab the kettlebell, balance on one foot, and this one’s called a single leg Romanian deadlift. You’re gonna lift your other leg into the sky, make sure you’re breathing, stretch out the back of the foot, make sure your back is tight and that your core is tight… 4 and 5. And then you get 5 on the other side.

Then you’re going to go ahead and follow this up with a between the leg switch. So you’re going to keep your back straight, and pivot your upper body around your legs. This can be dangerous if you’re bending your back, so you wanna make sure everything is tight.

Gonna follow that up with 5 push presses… then you’re going to follow that up with a Russian twist. You’re just going to sit down on the ground, grab your kettlebell and twist 5 times each side. For more advanced folks, extend the arms, leave the feet up. For beginners, keep the weight close, keep the feet on the ground. And that’ll do.

Start your timer, repeat all four of those exercises for a very powerful, total body, kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells are very easy to get. They’re becoming more and more mainstream. You can get them at Target, Wal-Mart, online, Sports Authority, Play it Again Sports and many other places. Perform Better is one that Powerfit really endorses.

For any questions regarding kettlebells or anything else health and fitness related, you can always find us online at powerfitusa.com. Remember, woooow! Live with power.

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