Fitness Tip – Superband Overhead Squat

What’s up, America? This is John-Logan with Powerfit Personal Training, and I want to show you a great warm-up with just one simple superband. It is called an Overhead Squat. You’re going to place your feet right inside the band, extend the band directly overhead and extend your arms, and from this position, you are going to go down as low as you can.

Some people are going to stop there and some people are going to be able to go all the way down, but this is going to be a great shoulder stabilization exercise for you to get everything nice and loose as you go down into that overhead squat position, one commonly difficult exercise for many, many people.

You can pick up a superband by going online and doing a Google search for superbands and there are plenty of distributors. They come in all different sizes, and I would recommend going to the lighter band at first. If you can’t do the exercise that I just performed, you can also use the band directly overhead without stepping into it and do the exact same exercise.

John-Logan with your fitness tip of the week. Live with power. Wooh!

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