Fitness Tip – Rotation When Working Out

Hey, guys! This is John-Logan with Powerfit Personal Training, and I want to talk about the importance of rotation. A lot of fitness programs don’t incorporate enough rotation, and in actual life, we rotate all the time. Let’s think about athletes, every single sport, rotates quite a bit. When we get in and out of the car, when we get in and out of a seat that we are sitting in, we always rotate, but our fitness program usually don’t have enough rotation.

I want to show you a really quick, simple, easy way to attach a band to pretty much anything. You can use a tree, you can use the handle of a door, or you can use a sturdy pole somewhere. Essentially, what you’re going to do is you’re going to set up with your feet about the hip width apart and make sure that your posture is nice and straight. Extend your arms and fit at the back foot towards the hands that are moving. Of course, the core is initiating all of that.

Again, you’re pivoting through the core, pivoting your back flip and your arms, and that’s a great way to add to your workout. Use it as a warm up or even a cool down just to make sure that there’s a little bit more bounce in your fitness routine.

This is John-Logan with Powerfit personal training. You can always find us online at if you have more questions. Woooh! Live the power.

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