First Time PIT Member – What To Expect

We start everybody with what’s called a Power Pack, and the Power Pack consists of a fitness evaluation so we know where you’re starting from, and then an orientation. There is a little bit of education that takes place for each client so they understand how to utilize PIT. Once that education takes place, it’s very simple. Once you’ve gone through the Power Pack, which is the fitness evaluation, orientation, and then two trial sessions, folks are able to come in 10 hours a day, five hours in the morning, 6:00-11:00, 3:00-8:00, and there’s always going to be a trainer on staff working with them. Don’t have to think about anything. We’re going to show you exactly what weights to use, how many reps, how many sets, and we’re going to keep the exercises engaging, fun, and safe. So you can come in, not waste any time, and feel successful every time you use the PIT.

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