Destroying Fitness Barriers

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It is often that we encounter barriers. Barriers that keep us from starting or continuing a journey that may be good for us. These barriers pop up all the time and are often labeled excuses from many. Whether you want to call them barriers, excuses, reasons or smoke screens today you will learn how to destroy them. For the sake of the post I will focus in on the top 3 barriers I have heard and how to overcome them.

Barrier 1: I don’t have time to workout, shop and meal prep

Time is most certainly our most precious commodity. It is the one thing that we do not get back once it is used. That day or moment is gone forever. Stopping to think about that for a moment and realizing that you only get one shot then why waste it. The barrier of time is often thrown at the personal trainer, fitness coach or friend as an excuse, explanation or reason to not honor the commitment to self to get healthy. You see the funny thing is you are going to shop and meal prep anyway. You may or may not make it to the gym but more importantly if you do you must ask this question: Am I efficient? The barrier is not time itself but time efficiency. When you think about the gym you think the following: It is going to take me 10 minutes to get there, 5 minutes to warm up, 1 hour on the treadmill, 10 minutes to get home and another 10-15 to shower and I still have to cook dinner. If you have learned that you can get an amazing workout in in 30 minutes and 3-5 days a week versus 5-7 you are halfway to destroying this barrier.  Still you think this whole ordeal may take 1 hour and 10 minutes assuming that your machines are not taken. I simply don’t have an hour 5 days a week to workout Matt. Ok, maybe you have a schedule like the President (who by the way works out). Have you considered in-home workout routines. I did this for over a year. I was a person that did not have “time.” So I made time by cutting out the drive time 20 minutes, lag time waiting 5 minutes and 5 minutes deciding what to wear to the gym. I worked out in the home. 45-55 minutes when the kids were down and the house was silent. No judgement, no embarrassment, no membership fees. Just me and TV. I did this with a program called P90X. You see the barrier of time is simply a value issue. The perceived value of working out has not exceeded the desire to spend that time stressing about something else. As you gain momentum, results begin to occur and you start feeling good about exercise the value changes. It goes from an I should do to an I need to get to the gym. How then do I destroy the Time Barrier? It is simple start small and start with something achievable. Start with something that does not appear to be a burden on your time. Maybe it is a 30 minute walk a day. This can include the family and provide major value. Work your way up as the perception of value on that time changes. Commit to a time and then experience the difference.

Barrier #2: I don’t have the money

Money, like time, is a perception of value. I see people all the time tell me that cannot afford a trainer or the gym yet Facebook shows them getting yet another tattoo. At $100/hr or more I’m pretty sure you could squeeze some training into the budget. The other thing about this that is funny is that if you have your own body and a closet space you can get in shape. You do not need anything external to achieve the results you are looking for. That being said maybe you like the environment of a gym or you need the motivation of the trainer. That is fine. We all need that sometimes. I pay $135/month in tools for training and I have both a degree and a certification for training. I still need help tips and motivation to get better and too make it fun. The gym that I work at offers unlimited Personal Training for as low as $79/month. That’s right Powerfit Personal Training . The thing is there is an exercise and nutrition program for any budget. Food you will buy anyway and training or gym memberships come down to perception of value. You have to utilize the options that the gym provides and you have to utilize the space. If you were to make it to the gym 20 times a month which is recommended then each visit only cost you $3.95. That is pennies. How then do I destroy the Money Barrier? Breakdown the cost of your membership per visit. Its far less than any copay to the doctor unless you have zero copay. Yet you can match that with in home bodyweight training. Often we think that it is too expensive because we do not utilize it fully. I go to Myles Ahead Weightlifting 1 time a week. Each visit cost me $15 and it is well worth it. I get a custom program to help me get better in Olympic lifts. I get coached and I get a group setting to help challenge me. The other membership I pay $44 a month and I go 4-5 times a week. About 2o+ times a month so it works out to about $2.25 per visit. I get no coaching, no training but I get full utilization of the equipment and towel service.

Barrier #3: I simply hate working out

I like you really did not enjoy lifting weights. Often times I still do not enjoy lifting as much as I enjoy shooting the basketball. However, I found that as I began to see results from working out like strength gains and physical changes my mindset changed. It is really easy to dislike something we have not really taking the time to get to know. Maybe working out makes you feel week or awkward. I get that. I felt that way and still do sometimes. However, over time that weakness and awkwardness turns to determination. The other thing that you really have to take a look at is what you CONSIDER working out. Workout by definition is a session of exercise or practice to improve fitness, as for athletic competition( I understand that one may see the definition and think I don’t care to compete. You may not but pay close attention to practice to improve fitness. We can all stand to improve our fitness as it leads to reduction of injury, lengthening of life, increase quality of life, positive moods and more. The science is out there. So if you do not like to exercise then focus on the benefits received from exercise. Not all of us like to work but because there is a reward we do it. If you have to think of it that way then do it. Also hire a trainer that is good at making it more enjoyable. There are many ways to do that. How then do I destroy the hate barrier? Simply by changing your perspective of the benefit outweighing the negative, hiring a trainer that makes it fun, walking, or finding a class environment that becomes a social outlet for you at the same time. 

These are only 3 of many barriers, excuses, smoke screens or reasons that we choose to not workout. However, there are many and as you can see the way to destroy each and every one of them is by changing your perception of the value. How much do you value your well being and health? That is the true question……….

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