Changing the World through the Gift of Health and Fitness!

Personal Training Only!

POWERFIT is a unique training facility in that it specializes in Personal Training and Personal Training only. The rigorous educational and training requirements of all Powerfit Trainers ensures that you receive the highest quality of training possible. At POWERFIT we guarantee results!

The Most Efficient Workout Ever!

No more wasting an hour and a half in a gym. Powerfit delivers the most efficient workout you have ever had. One half hour visit to the Powerfit facility is all it takes to make a radical impact in your life. Our trainers are on hand for EVERY session. You’ll get the absolute most out of your workout as they ensure you are working effectively and safely the whole time.

Professional Attention = Professional Results!

We are happy to provide curious visitors with easy access to our Power Pak! The Power Pak includes a complete health assessment to evaluate how we might best serve you, a P.I.T. Orientation and 2 Trial P.I.T. Sessions. This Power Pak is only $79 when you register for it through this site. (Normally $99) Click on the button below to get your Power Pak now!

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